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Speech-Language Screeners

The purpose of screening is to determine if your child should be evaluated with formal and informal assessments. It should be noted that screeners are flawed in so far as a child may answer the right amount of questions that qualifies a “pass,” when in reality they guessed to achieve that pass or if the question was posed in another way perhaps the child would’ve missed and thus, would merit a “did not pass.”

To mitigate the flawed nature of a screener, there should also be a component that is administered to parents to get a higher quality snapshot of the child’s overall speech and language abilities. We affirm the administration of one should not go without another so, NEATS is now offering free parent screenings and a free child screening. If interested, click this link to find your parent screener or scroll over the “resource” tab and click on “Speech-Language Parent Screener/Questionnaire.” Choose the appropriate age, fill out the form, and then we will be in touch to set up a time for your child’s screening.

Again, this is not a way to ensure your child needs speech and language services. This is to ascertain if they need a more in depth evaluation.

*Though there is a screener for parents of children under the age of two, there are no free child screeners provided for children under the age of three at this time.