Israel Montano, Mr. Izzy as we fondly call him, is the best speech therapist I have had for my four year old son. His assessment on my son was spot on. He was able to draw up a plan based on his assessment and work on the sounds that needed improvement. Mr. Izzy is very patient and is the best child speech therapist. His coaching technique using educational games, read along stories kept my son engaged for the entire duration of the session. He is technically savvy, he conducted our sessions remotely on zoom and google-meet. I am so glad and grateful that we found Mr. Izzy. In the last 3 months my son has improved greatly, his pronunciation, articulation and grammar is now on par with any regular kid. My son is now able to make “s”,”t”,”th”,”n”,”f” sounds perfectly. Because of his improved communication skills, he is now more social, talking to other kids and he is also more engaged at school. I would recommend Mr. Izzy to any parent who is looking for a speech therapist, Mr. Izzy is the best!!!

Jeba & Abeline Charles

Glad and Grateful