Children communicate from the first moments of life. These videos are great examples of typical speech and language development.

In this video, Abby age 2 is playing a turn taking game with her auntie. Auntie “woofs” her belly. Abby lifts her shirt up requesting more “woofs”. Abby also smiles and laughs during this interaction indicating she likes it.

In this video, Abby, age 2 is using a comb in the correct way to comb her auntie’s hair. She stops momentarily and walks around to make eye contact, sort of checking in with her aunt.

In this video, you see Amanda at age 3 months having social interaction with her aunt. Notice how she is making eye contact with Aunt Becky. She is taking “conversational” turns with her auntie by making vocalizations in response to her auntie’s verbalizations. She is also participating in this conversation by kicking her legs in response to her auntie.

Ms. Rebecca working with Ryan to get his tongue behind his bottom teeth to elicit a /k/ sound in isolation.